What is Portable Pictures?

Portable Pictures is a video download tool. Portable Pictures makes the process of downloading Youtube ® videos very easy. The program is designed using completely portable libraries (wxWidgets, cUrl, boost etc.). This means that Portable Pictures will eventually be available on many different platforms.

Portable Pictures is designed to be very easy to use. Just type your search query into the box and select your desired video from the results. Then click download and the video will be downloaded. You are then free to import the video into your media library (i.e. iTunes ®)

Who started Portable Pictures?

My name is Mark Newcomb Jr. I started Portable Pictures in the summer of 2008 because I was tired of the long process involved in downloading and converting Youtube videos. I will be attending my freshman year of college this year at the University of Minnesota, where I will (hopefully!) earn my B.S. in computer science. If you wish, you may email me at portableNOSPAMREMOVETHISpictures@gmail.com